Growing cucumbers on the windowsill



This culture today is grown worldwide. The main advantages are low calorie, diuretic and laxative effect, benefit for cardiovascular system, liver and kidney and the unique taste and flavor of fruits.

Growing conditions

The most optimal time for sowing is the spring months, when landing seeds to other seasons you will need additional care with lamps, to provide a 12-16-hour daylight day. For the cultivation of cucumbers at home, beechlyopable or self-polished varieties are suitable. The main conditions of the successful process are:
-Okna southern, southwestern or southeast;
-The complex is not lower than 20 degrees, the absence of drafts;
-tility common or individual with drainage holes, with one plant volume of its at least 5 liters;
- Fullable plants backlight on the days of the autumn-winter period;
- Dragging pegs for taking the seedlings in the future, which need to be stuck in the ground;
- Equally and non-human watering seedlings, spraying and regular mineral feeding.

Sowing seeds

The necessary stage of preparation is to disinfect seeds by placing them into a solution of potassium mangartage for half an hour and further washing with warm water.
Pre-seeds need to be germinated by placing in a moistened tissue at a temperature of 20-25 degrees for two days. Before sowing seeds, the land in pots (drawers) are watered with hot water, they are slightly cool, then seeds are planted on the depth of ground 1-2 cm, covered with a film. After germination, move to a permanent container.
You can germinate seeds and bypassing this stage - immediately sow them into pots or drawers with drainage, cover with a film and put in a warm place. After the appearance of shoots, remove the film, put the seedlings on the windowsill.

Care for flowering and fruiting seedlings

The bevel varieties require pollination - in the morning hours, men's inflorescences are broken and spend on female pestles.
It is necessary to comprise the tops and side weaves of the plant, when Zellians appear.
From one plant you can harvest up to 15 fruits.
The cultivation of cucumbers in the conditions of the household does not require special skills and skills, even the novice gobble-lovers will cope with this. Moreover, the fruits grown by their efforts are always tastier, more likely to be purchased. To start, you'll need your PGP key uploaded before you will get white house market link . Encrypted messages and direct payments between vendors and buyers will limit the fallout from White House's operator